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Cyrise Elevate

An exclusive peer network for ambitious security leaders who want to get better, faster.

It’s tough to be alone at the top.

Cybersecurity leaders are expected to keep up with constant change and understand complexity that is growing every day – it can feel like you’re navigating alone through uncharted terrain.

“​​I have to do it with the resources I have – the business has multiple priorities so I cannot keep asking for more security staff.”

“ If my company fails in an area which I am responsible for, I have to take responsibility.”

“Part of the anxiety is that I’m not really sure whether what we are doing is enough.”

Why CyRise Elevate?

CyRise Elevate is your opportunity to learn from the world’s foremost security thought-leaders, and connect with a curated group of like-minded cybersecurity professionals.

Curated Network

A network tailored to your growth. Direct connections with people on your level, within your niche, who are there to support you.


To get fit, you get a personal trainer to keep you accountable. Meeting regularly helps you keep accountable and get better, faster.

High Trust Environment

You’re encouraged to be yourself and share your failures as well as your successes. Privacy and non-disclosure is extremely important.

High Standards

Every member embraces and follows the CyRise Elevate cultural values.

What to expect.


Connect with other influential security leaders in a curated tribe of 6-8 peers for in-depth discussions and high-trust conversations.


Come together in a broader group for sessions from some of the world’s leading cyber security experts, through panels and workshops that inform, inspire and empower.

In-Person Social events

Relax and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences while you build lasting connections with new friends.

On-Demand Support

Ask questions of your peers and get expert insight instantly, through our real-time, encrypted communications platform.


"I completed some core work which I presented internally, but at the CyRise Elevate dinner I got an entirely new perspective on how it could have been done differently. I am going back to work tomorrow to completely redo it. Just that one chat was worth its weight in gold”.
Natalie, Information Security Manager, Marketplacer

Our values.


We seek truth even when it is uncomfortable to do so. Where trade offs are required between values, we fall back to truth seeking.


We give before we get. We give of our expertise, our skills and our time without any expectation of anything in return.


We aim for world class and when we reach the top of our game, we slowly go further. Tenacious and optimistic, we commit to world-class standards and strive with confidence and humility.


We don’t embrace failure – nobody likes to fail. But we embrace experimentation, an open analysis of what went wrong, and sharing those lessons freely and without fear.


We are open about what we are good at and what we are not. By being radically transparent with each other and delivering our stories with kindness and warmth, we all get better, faster.

CyRise Elevate Reflections

The latest news and events from our community

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This month, CyRise Elevate was joined by guest advisor Marc Bown, CISO and Enterprise Technology Lead at Immutable, a web3 gaming scale up in Australia. Prior to Immutable, Marc helped found the security teams at Sportsbet, Fitbit and Afterpay. A leader in security, technology and engineering, Marc is passionate about building empowered, high-performing teams. He […]

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CyRise Elevate members are often referred by a current member but we would love you to reach out. If you would like to express your interest, please get in touch.

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